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At 5.0, we efficiently connect investors from around the world with pre-qualified Israeli startups.

• Our presence on the ground and our wide network allows us to identify the most promising technology companies of the startup nation.

• We enable investors around the world to have access to Israel-based technology start-ups, the most exclusive, in the most transparent, accountable and efficient manner.

We select according to several carefully defined criteria:

FOR STARTUPS, we choose companies with high technological value and founders with strong vision, commitment and energy; and a real desire to cooperate.

FOR INVESTORS, we retain those who will be involved in the development of the start-up, who will listen to the founders, know how to support them and establish close relations with them.

david yossef sanhedrin

The Business Manager

David Yossef Sanhédrin is the founder and the business manager of CINQ POINT ZERO (5.0).

He is a business consultant, lecturer & author of the book "Tools to succeed in a world that is changing faster and faster".

For nearly 30 years of experience in the business world, David Yossef has negotiated contracts in more than 25 different countries, developing expertise in commercial negotiations.

Always attentive, he knows how to establish strong relations with his interlocutors. It is what makes its strength to find promising startups.

With his communicative good mood and a growth mentality, David Yossef Sanhédrin transforms obstacles into energy bars and he will certainly be the contact to be preferred in Israel!

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Moshe S. Arazi 5.0

The Investor Relations Manager

Moshe S. Arazi is the Investor Relations Manager of CINQ POINT ZERO (5.0).

Moshe has over six years of startup experience in Israel and the US.

As a founder himself, he understands every aspect of entrepreneurship from market research and strategy to growth and business development.

He completed his MBA from Tel Aviv University with a concentration in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Moshe has dynamic experience across multiple verticals.

He employs well-honed listening, communication, and organization skills to resolve business challenges and explore new opportunities.

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We find a technology-leading startup that matches your investment criteria.

• Our established networks, our positioning and our ongoing presence on the ground allow us to quickly detect the most interesting young shoots in the country.

• After contacting the managers of the selected startups, we analyze their case in detail.

• Following this first selection, we integrate the startup into our talent startup portfolio.

We are working with investors to determine which startup to focus on.

• As a first step, we provide our investors with a complete list of startups looking for financing.

• In a second step, we send a complete file (on request) concerning the chosen startup (amounts already invested, information on the management team, business model, etc.) in order to facilitate further assessment by investors.

We ensure the connection between investors and the founders of startups.

• Once the startup interests our investor, we support the presentation of the 2 parts, in order to organize for the investor a meeting with the founders, and quickly, so that theIt is easier to assess the chances of future success.

We facilitate the drafting of investment contracts.

• At the request of investors, we intervene in the drafting of the investment contract, as mediators, and bring our expertise and knowledge of the Israeli market.

• We work in partnership with specialized law firms.

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