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We optimize the natural referencing of your website, from its conception.

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Nous optimisations le référencement naturel de votre site Internet, dès sa conception.

seo • all is possible agency in Israel

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    Every company wants its website to be well referenced on the Internet. But you must know how to write for Internet users ... and for the Web!

    To optimize the natural referencing of your site, we offer many web content services: It starts with the name of your website, but also:

    Writing the URLs,


    The "meta title and description" in the codes,

    The name of each page and the description of your activity that will be found in the search engines,

    seo • all is possible agency in Israel

    Find below the various services of optimization of your referencing to help the ranking of your Internet Website:


    For 50% of the web projects we work on, the domain name is already part of the equation.

    However, in some circumstances, we sometimes have to provide advice to our clients for the domain name to use.

    The domain name constitutes the first identity of a website: do not hesitate to commit us from this stage to think with you on the best domain name to choose.

    • URL:

    The URL of web pages can also be optimized in terms of writing.

    Keywords, separators, lengths, signs, special characters, uppercase letters: several parameters are taken into account and can play a crucial role in referencing a page.

    Here we can also work on the semantics of URLs to optimize their presence in the search engines.


    This is the most important element on your page: the Title tag must contain the keywords, in a precise order, a maximum length and an effective structure.

    We analyze your request, read the meta of your competitors and write your titles, all different on each page.

    The meta "description" of a page is a very important text: this is what is bolded when it appears in search results.

    • CONTENT:

    Writing for the web is both writing for Internet users, but also for search engine robots. At the same time, we must know how to speak and please the two types of readers.

    The reader / visitor of the site searches for information: it is therefore necessary to write explicit texts with coherent information. Spelling and syntax are therefore paramount. And the language level as well as the vocabulary used must match the targeted reader.

    The bots (diminutives of robots) of the search engines are the other reader of your textual content: For them, it is necessary to apply the BA-ba of the SEO: structure of the text, keywords, hyperlinks, Text keys, and so on.

    As a writer in communication, advertising and web, Cyril RAJZ has mastered the writing and knows the techniques to write the contents of the pages of your website.